CFM Profile

Elaine Mandrona (she/her)

Breton Beats
I am interested in growing food, teaching others how to gow food and using art in the process. I see this as a sacred and contemplative activity. To this end I have written and coordinated four Community Food Action grants and one Wellness NB Grant. Most recently in 2021 I joined forces with the Peter McKee Community Garden and Lifeschool house, a folkschool model that origanted in Nova Scotia and held a series of food oriented barter based wokshops at the garden. I also am intersted in writing about the people in the food movement, and making videos about projects,places and people invoved in grassroots food production and self-sufficiency. My husband, Archie Nadon--also a CFM-- and I founded Moncton Beats in 2016 as a journalistic vehicle to publicise the stories of the food movement in southeast New Brusnwick. We have just moved to Petit de Grat Nova Scotia and plan to continue the work here and are looking forward to some pan-Maritime projects.


Agriculture, Facilitation & Education, Fundraising

Counties: Westmorland
Region/Community: Petit de Grat Nova Scotia
Languages I understand: French, English
Languages I speak: English
Languages I am fluent in: English
Interested in paid work? Yes
Interested in volunteer work? Yes