CFM Profile


Karrie Bedford (she/her)

Registered Dietitian/Food Security Coordinator
Western Valley Wellness Network/Carleton-Victoria Community Inclusion Network
Hi All! I'm Karrie - a Registered Dietitian practicing in New Brunswick. You can find me with an interest in all things food. From my work within the long term care and community sector, I've developed skills and experience at each step of my journey. I've helped to start bulk-buying clubs in Woodstock NB, held roles in Meals on Wheels Programs throughout the province and have a special place in my heart in helping drive poverty reduction, support seniors across the continuum of care and continue to advocate for food security for all. I've taken an untraditional route to dietetics, and carry a huge passion and belief in bringing communities together to "work smarter, not harder" and love coming up with out-of-the-box simple solutions for this line of work. I'm always up for a connection call or to set up a 'brain date' over a cup of coffee.


Coordination & Community Development, Facilitation & Education, Food Security & Sovereignty, Health & Nutrition, Local Food Procurement

Counties: Carleton, Queens, Victoria, York
Languages I understand: English
Languages I speak: English
Languages I am fluent in: English
Interested in paid work? Yes
Interested in volunteer work? Yes