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Jill Van Horne (she/her)

Food For All NB | Aliments pour tous NB
I'm Jill! Moncton CFM and Network Director at Food For All NB. In my role at Food For All NB, I'm happy to offer connections, share information, and support engagement in food movements across the province. I would be interested in being contacted for presentations, resources, or sharing related to Food For All's work! I also love hot drinks, sandwiches, and just about any food so don't hesitate to contact me with an invitation to eat!


Facilitation & Education, Food Security & Sovereignty, Fundraising

Counties: Westmorland
Region/Community: Moncton
Languages I understand: French, English
Languages I speak: French, English
Languages I am fluent in: French, English
Interested in paid work? No
Interested in volunteer work? Yes
  • (506) 459-7773
    Extension 207
On the web: