CFM Profile

Shelley Shantz

L'Hirondelle Farm
Co-owner and operator of L'Hirodelle Farm. Grow vegetables for summer CSA, farmer's market. Make preserves/value-added products from garden and from foraged wild food. Raise pastured poultry. Started and ran Dundas Community Kitchen for 3 years. Interested in community gardens, community kitchens, foraging, gleaning, canning, cooking and preserving. Passionate about local food and food security. Can offer community kitchen help, gleaning, canning, growing local food, preserving.


Agriculture, Coordination & Community Development, Facilitation & Education, Food Preparation, Food Safety, Foraging, Local Food Procurement

Counties: Kent
Region/Community: Sainte-Marie
Languages I understand: English
Languages I speak: English
Languages I am fluent in: English
Interested in paid work? Yes
Interested in volunteer work? Yes
  • 506-955-3284
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