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Mario Doiron (il)

Mario Doiron Art & Illustration
I am an Acadian artist, art instructor, gardener, environmental technician, butcher, woodsman and radio personality on CJSE Radio Beauséjour where I answer gardening questions. My wife and I run a small homestead farm in Saint-Paul, NB where we raise chickens and geese as well as manage a permaculture garden and private woodlot for building materials and firewood. We have used these skills to significantly reduce our cost of living over the last 20 or so years. Since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, I have made it my personal mission to share that experience so that folks can better deal with the new economic realities we all must now face.


Agriculture, Facilitation & Education, Local Food Procurement, Permaculture

Comtés: Kent, Westmorland
Région/Communauté: NB
Langues que je comprends: Français, Anglais
Langues que je parle: Français, Anglais
Langues que je maîtrise: Français, Anglais
Intéressé par un travail rémunéré? Oui
Intéressé à faire du bénévolat? Non
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